What I’ve Done

From 2008 until late 2012, I was the Chief Operating Officer of Batter Blaster, the organic pancake and waffle batter in a can. I oversaw operations and marketing, and I ate a whole lot of pancakes.


We had a lot of crazy marketing initiatives, mostly because we didn’t have a lot of cash. Sometimes they worked.

guinness world records

And sometimes, they didn’t.

captain blast

Before that, I was Director of Product Marketing at BitTorrent, the famous/infamous peer-to-peer software company. My job was to help build a store that would turn pirates into paying customers (more or less).

bittorrent capture

You can guess how that turned out.





Meanwhile, I was running my record label, Jackpine Social Club.


We put out a bunch of records I loved, like Kelley Stoltz’s Antique Glow.

antique glow

And my first record, Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down: A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson.


And a bunch of others, including Oranger, Sonny Smith (now Sonny and the Sunsets), Tom Heyman, Jesse DeNatale, Loquat, The Herms and others. That was fun.

While that was going on, I did some time at CNET, helping them find artists and labels for Download.com Music. I also hosted a radio show there called Studio C, which had the singular claim of being the only show to interview Sir Richard Bishop and Taylor Swift in the same 14 day span. CNET Download.com – Studio C 68- Mark Eitzel (mp3soup.com)

(There is no picture of CNET Download.com Music because sooner or later everything dies. Especially music websites.)

And then, back in the Internet’s golden age, when men rode expense accounts of gold and we called them “Biz Dev,” I was a vice president. The vice president of, yes, you guessed it. CONTENT.


Before that I worked in record stores and even at a Blockbuster for two very sad months.

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