31 Day Film Challenge – Day 17: The Most Beautiful Scene In A Film

Day 17 – The Most Beautiful Scene in Any Film

Black Narcissus (1947 D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, W: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger)


It’s hard to pick one scene from Powell and Pressburger’s masterpiece, “Black Narcissus.” Every shot is gorgeous, rich in color and perfectly shot. “This is no place to put a nunnery,” says David Farrar’s Mr. Dean. “Everything here seems exaggerated.” He’s speaking about the Himalayan convent where Deborah Kerr’s Sister Clodagh holds out against her feelings for Dean. Sexual tension — of the controlled, British sort — runs his in this, for the time, daring film. Dean could be speaking about the film itself; it’s a powerful, vivid work. As for the most beautiful scene, the last one in the film, and the last shot of Mr. Dean, are pretty tough to beat. It might not be paced like a contemporary film, but it’s stronger stuff.


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