31 Day Film Challenge – Day 15: The Best Horror Film

Day 15 – The Best Horror Film

The Haunting (1963 D: Robert Wise, W: Nelson Gidding)


I thought about this one long and hard. What about the great and terrifying “Texas Chainsaw Massacre?” How could I not pick the massively influential “Night of the Living Dead?” But in terms of absolute scary perfection, nothing beats “The Haunting,” Robert Wise’s adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s haunted house novel. Richard Johnson’s Dr. Markaway brings Claire Bloom, Russ Tamblyn and timid, unsure Julie Harris on an investigation of the haunted Hill House. Wise orchestrates vividly frightening atmosphere and brilliant scares with suggestion, sound and the barest of physical effects, like a door bowing in and out as if breathing. The ultimate haunted house movie, and still absoultely chilling to this day.


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