Monster Movie Marathon 12/12/2014 – Grizzly 2: The Concert (Part 4)

Things get pretty squirrelly by the end of Grizzy 2: The Concert. Apparently, the film was not actually finished, as the last 7 minutes are repeated shots of the same jeep rolling on its side and John Rhys-Davies stuck between some boxes. But we finally have actual bear! Or at least bear head and bear arm. According to what I’m reading online, the producer ran away with the finishing funds (which included the mechanical bear that has so clearly been absent the entire film), so this is actually a workprint. Said bear is apparently attracted by the sounds of shotguns and ’80s Euro pop, so he invades the concert, setting a man aflame, knocking over a forklift, and seemingly perishing in a blaze of stage pyrotechnics. Final song is framed against the mayhem (“When I go to heaven / What should I wear?”) with the lead singer – who has already warned terrible assistant Deborah Foreman that he’s a gypsy, and it’s all just a game, a laugh, a joke – doing the Molly Ringwald.  And what do you know, apparently it was Charlie Sheen and George Clooney in the earlier scene with Laura Dern all along.

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