Monster Movie Marathon 12/12/2014 – Grizzly 2: The Concert (Part 3)

Shot in Hungary – where life is cheap and the talent guarantees are even cheaper. Deborah Foreman has been hired as a terrifically inefficient gofer, much of her time so far spent toodling around with the lamest keyboard group this side of Blancmange (Landscape, whose lead singer performs So Good So Pure So Kind in a short shorts / knee socks combo that would make Wham-era Andrew Ridgeley cringe). Lots of backstage banter shot by a cameraman who clearly has a fetish for the backs of people’s heads. Why are Toto Coelho doing The Robot? At minute 68 so far all I’ve seen of the grizzly, or any wildlife for that matter, is one enormous blonde paw smacking the absolute shit out of an unwary camper. And now we’re knee deep in parallel conversations between Ranger Hollister and bottom-barrel PA Deborah Foreman and two strangely tender, hirsute poachers. Does this thing ever end?

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