Monster Movie Marathon 12/12/2014 – Grizzly 2: The Concert

grizzly 2

Monster movie marathon at Casa de Deux Chefs has commenced. First up: the unreleased Grizzly 2: The Concert (1987). So far, it’s been Louise Fletcher with a terrible hairdo, a hot chick who is “Director of Bear Management,” lots of aerobics, all grizzly shots from the bear’s POV, Deborah Foreman from Valley Girl, a soundtrack composed almost entirely of quite certainly unlicensed Michael Jackson tracks, a concert promoter who appears to have stepped directly off the set of The Mack, and the informational nugget that people in “San Francisco’s Chinatown” will purchase bear gall bladder for its aphrodisiac qualities. We’re only 16 minutes in here, people. Live blogging this historic event all day.

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