31 Days of Horror Movies – Day 3: The Hidden (1987)

An exceedingly outlandish sci-fi monster movie, The Hidden has alien Kyle MacLachlan assisting angry ’80s cop Michael Nouri in tracking down a body-hopping alien who likes Ferraris, metal and shooting people in the face. Lots of stuff blows up, gets mowed down or driven over. He also did Alone in the Dark, in which Jack Palance and Martin Landau terrorize “Howling Mad” Murdock Dwight Schultz, and the homoerotic themed Nightmare on Elm Street 2, about which Sholder says, “I simply didn’t have the self-awareness to realize that any of this might be interpreted as gay.” In other words, he’s not big on nuance. But The Hidden is pretty awesome. Plus you can watch the whole movie on YouTube.

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