31 Days of Horror Movies – Day 2: The Funhouse


Tobe Hooper staked his claim with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and this is one of his more successful later films. This one isn’t as corrupted as his more Hollywood pictures — Poltergeist (which is good in its own right but more Spielberg than Hooper, and features way too much whispering for my taste; can’t stand mouth sounds), Lifeforce (which I love in its own weird way, but that’s more about Mathilda May and Patrick Stewart’s brain being sucked out), and Invaders From Mars (a mistake, albeit with the late Karen Black who is always great to watch) — but instead is a genuine thrill-ride horror story with a mostly sympathetic villain. An underrated film. The film’s premise alone — being stuck on a funhouse ride after the carnival closes — is a real fear, and the film exploits it in just the right manner. If Texas Chainsaw is Hooper’s Halloween, to make a Carpenter comparison, this is his The Fog.



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