31 Day Film Challenge – Day 18: The Worst Script In Any Film

The Saint (1997 D: Phillip Noyce, W: Jonathan Hensleigh, Wesley Strick)


There are terrible scripts everywhere. But this one stands out because I remember feeling, as we left the theater, that the movie was literally about nothing, a piece of air. Val Kilmer dons some disguises, some actions scenes happen, there are various confused twists, there’s a Roger Moore joke, and then… it’s over.  It’s as if it didn’t exist. It’s in some ways the archetype of the late 20th century Hollywood movie:  it’s a remake, nothing of value is said, no one is offended, and hardly anyone remembers it.  See also: The Haunting (1999), Batman and Robin (1997), Charlie’s Angels (2000), etc. etc. etc.


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